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Graphic Design & Interactive Media Diploma



In recognition of the synergy between graphic design and the entertainment industry, we are pleased to announce that the Academy of Design’s Graphic Design & Interactive Media program will now be offered under the banner of Toronto Film School.

Dr. Rick Davey, President of RCC Institute of Technology, said: “This repositioning offers unique opportunities for collaboration between film students, actors, writers and video game developers. Bringing these programs together at TFS creates rich learning opportunities through interdisciplinary collaboration that can’t take place in the same way at another school.” 

At the Toronto Film School, students will have the opportunity for collaboration across disciplines, thereby experiencing a true industry environment and developing a diversified portfolio.

For more information about the program at Toronto Film School, click below:

Intake: January, July and October each year
Program Length: 12 months

Program Description

With the digital world continually redefining the way the physical world interacts, the field of digital media design is growing. Highly skilled and adaptive graphic design and interactive media graduates are well positioned for many creative and exciting career opportunities.

The Graphic Design & Interactive Media diploma at Academy of Design is an intensive program, which blends hands-on creative and technical skills training.

This training is key to prepare graduates for work as:

  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers
  • New Media Project Managers
  • Mobile Application developers and more

Students will learn the core elements of graphic design and visual brand building and design exciting projects, from start to finish, for a variety of media sources.

Specific courses explore every area of graphic design and interactive media including:

  • Elements of design
  • Visual communication
  • Digital drawing
  • Art direction
  • Web design
  • Audio/Video production
  • 3D Production

Students will also benefit from the support and mentorship of faculty who are successful and connected working professionals in the field.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the Graphic Design & Interactive Media Diploma program, graduates will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of design including colour theory, letter typography, wordmarks and paragraph typography
  • Understand design as visual communication and understand visual structure within the context of contemporary design
  • Create, manipulate, illustrate and retouch digital drawings
  • Demonstrate the fundamentals of web layout and design, web production and development, flash application development, multimedia production, 3D modeling and design, audio and video production and mobile application development
  • Explain concepts in user experience design
  • Determine the correct workflow and pipeline for interactive projects and manage such projects by applying communication collaboration, organization, problem solving, budgeting and time management skills in a team environment
  • Display an understanding of marketing, copywriting and branding concepts allowing them to create visual communications that enhance a client's image and marketing plan
  • Effectively present an interactive project to a client in a clear and persuasive manner
  • Thoroughly understand the interactive and graphic design industry and execute a career plan to market themselves
  • Display a portfolio of their own work, including one interactive capstone project that has been completed under a team- based production environment
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